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OPTIMUS Attend Philippines 44th annual Electrical, Electronics and Energy Exhibitions in 2019

44届菲律宾电力、电子、能源展览会是由菲律宾当地最具代表性的行业协会机电工程协会主办。该协会是成立于1975年的非盈利性的技术专业组织,是菲律宾国内第一个也是唯一通过ISO 9001:2000认证的专业机构。协会成立之初只有500名会员,发展到现在已有42700名会员。2018年展览会共吸引了大约200家参展商,15000多名专业观众。2019年展览会将于十一月在菲律宾马尼拉SMX国际会展中心举行。

The 44th Philippine Electrical, Electronics and Energy Exhibition is hosted by the Philippines' most representative industry association, the Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineerings of the Philippines, Inc. The association is a non-profit technical professional organization established in 1975. It is the first and only professional organization in the Philippines that has passed ISO 9001: 2000 certification. The association started with only 500 members and has grown to 42700 members. The 2018 exhibition attracted about 200 exhibitors and more than 15,000 professional visitors. The 2019 exhibition will be held in November at the SMX International Convention and Exhibition Center in Manila, Philippines.


Mega Technology and Philippines agents successfully participated Philippines 44th annual Electrical, Electronics and Energy Exhibitions from November 27th to November 30th, 2019. Mr. Liu shao-min, the general manager of Mega Technology, with his wife Mrs. Helen attended the exhibition. The careful layout of the exhibition and the exquisite quality of the product attracted the owners, consultants, and advanced professionals from the Philippines mechanical and electrical industry to visit the scene.


美嘉科技(镇江)有限公司作为参展商,大力推广了OPTIMUS 品牌母线首创的崭新更安全可靠与节能环保的环氧树脂绝缘母线槽产品,获得印尼各专业电气设计领域的人员认同,在菲律宾全国范围内推广了环氧树脂硫化绝缘母线槽产品。

Mega Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. as an exhibitor,  has vigorously promoted the new, more reliable, safer, energy-saving and environmentally friendly epoxy insulated busway products pioneered by OPTIMUS brand busbars, and has been recognized by Indonesian professionals in various electrical design fields. The product of epoxy insulation busway is promoted inside Philippines.


Mega Technology's high-end epoxy insulation bus bars have been used in commercial buildings, residences, shopping malls and factories in the Philippines.


Mega Technology would like to thank all the new and old customers for their support. We will definitely serve you with the best products and hope that the future development will become better and better!