2019-12-26 美嘉科技(镇江)有限公司 8


OPTIMUS Attend Indonesia Renewable Energy & Electrical Equipment Exhibitions in 2019

印尼是东南亚最具活力的贸易市场,印尼电力及可再生能源展是东盟最大的电力展览会,上届印尼电力展的展出面积为 17,665 平米,共有来自 40 个国家和地区的 919 家公司及厂家参展。同时还包括 7 个国家展团,展会期间有 17,406 名客商观展。

Indonesia is the most dynamic trading market in Southeast Asia. Indonesia Power and Renewable Energy Exhibition is the largest power exhibition in ASEAN. The last Indonesia Power Exhibition had an exhibition area of 17,665 square meters, with 919 companies and Manufacturers exhibited. It also includes 7 national pavilions. During the exhibition, 17,406 visitors watched the exhibition.


Mega Technology and Indonesian agents successfully participated Indonesia Electric, Electricity and Renewable Energy Exhibition from September 11th to September 14th, 2019. Mr. Tony, the marketing manager of Mega Technology, attended the exhibition. The careful layout of the exhibition and the exquisite quality of the product attracted the owners, consultants, and advanced professionals from the Indonesian mechanical and electrical industry to visit the scene.

美嘉科技(镇江)有限公司作为参展商,大力推广了OPTIMUS 品牌母线首创的崭新更安全可靠与节能环保的环氧树脂绝缘母线槽产品,获得印尼各专业电气设计领域的人员认同,在印尼全国范围内推广了环氧树脂硫化绝缘母线槽产品。

Mega Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. as an exhibitor,  has vigorously promoted the new, more reliable, safer, energy-saving and environmentally friendly epoxy insulated busway products pioneered by OPTIMUS brand busbars, and has been recognized by Indonesian professionals in various electrical design fields. The product of epoxy insulation busway is promoted inside.


The application of Mega technology's high-end epoxy insulation busbars in the electrical field will quickly open up the country and be recognized and reformed by customers and friends. It has been used in Indonesian commercial buildings, residences, shopping malls and factories.


Mega Technology will join hands with new and old customers and friends to promote each other and develop in an orderly manner. Aim to win, create brilliant! Thanks all old and new customers’ support and hope that the future development is getting better and better!